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“My training to become a Spanish 100 kms champion with 8 children is basically based on running before the sun rises and after the sun sets.”

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Verdeliss explains her ‘crazy’ training method to manage to prepare for 12 marathons in 12 months and win the National 100 kms two months after finishing that very tough challenge

“My training to become a Spanish 100 kms champion with 8 children is basically based on running before the sun rises and after the sun sets”

The influencer Verdeliss has had the chance to be in the spotlight for a sporting feat that two years ago she thought impossible. Decho still recognizes that she is “on a cloud”.

Running and winning the Spanish Championship of 100 kilometers is already a feat in itself but doing it when you are a mother of 8 children and work every day is already a ‘miracle’. Estefania Unzu, better known as Verdeliss and her facet of famous influencer, explained in the program Zapeando of La Sexta how she has achieved an achievement that seemed impossible.

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The popular runner from Navarre recognizes that in running she found an escape valve for her busy day to day life and has managed to balance it: “I got into this running thing mainly because I realized that it did a lot of good because for me it meant mental therapy and physical therapy. It’s a very grateful sport if you maintain consistency, the body is very grateful, you feel better and better and you’re getting better and better with yourself”.

“I’m still in a cloud processing all this.”

Once she took up running two years ago she began to set herself demanding challenges: “For me the ultimate was to do a marathon and I got through it well and realized that I needed more challenges like this in my life as long as the body holds out. I had the crisis of approaching 40 and I decided to unite two passions like running and tourism and I set myself the goal of doing 12 marathons in 12 months”.

I was halfway through that challenge and I said to myself, “Wow, maybe I could do something bigger”. After finishing the Valencia Marathon, my father, who is my coach, told me that he saw me always finish very whole because he saw the other athletes and they finished with much more suffering, so I thought if I would endure a test of more kilometers. As I finished the challenge of 12 marathons in March, I decided to sign up for the Spanish Championship of 100 kilometers and it turns out that I won it, I’m still on a cloud processing all this”.

Verdeliss ran at 4:47 per kilometer for 8 hours and always had a thought in her head that made her not give up: “In the 8 hours I spent competing I was thinking about my 8 children at the finish line with banners at the finish line with very inspirational messages. They had seen me train on many days when I didn’t feel like it and they have seen that their mother has a great capacity to overcome. It’s a sacrifice, a personal challenge that I think is a great example for them for the future.”

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“I live a daily marathon in my life.”

As a teenager he competed in athletics due to his family’s close relationship with the sport but he abandoned it and took it up again at the age of 37: “I grew up in the world of athletics, my parents have an athletics club. My father is a coach and my mother is an athletics judge, but they haven’t been able to help me with endurance because it’s not something they have mastered. My father has helped me with the strength sessions, which is key to not getting injured, but when it comes to running, I’m on my own”.

Verdeliss’ training method is simple. It is based on little sleep and using the hours when her children are asleep: “My life is very unpredictable, very busy, my workouts are basically before sunrise or after sunset because I have 8 children and I have to balance everything. If I have had a good day because the children have left me and I have been able to rest better and I have more energy, I get in more but if the body tells me that it is more tired I put in a more relaxed workout. That’s how I’ve been doing it…”.

For Verdeliss, life is a continuous challenge: “I live a daily marathon every day. I’m always racing against the clock, but I’m lucky to have help, especially my husband, who takes care of the children and is very committed to raising them. I have a job where I am my own boss and I can organize myself but there is a lot of work behind and there are days that I would hide and pull my hair out but with sport I get a disconnection. It gives me a lot of energy and I pass that on”.