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The Catalan cross country champion runs away without changing his clothes and without being paid for his fourth place in a prestigious race in Cáceres after being called for an anti-doping control.

In the midst of a wave of scandals in Spanish athletics related to doping comes another embarrassing situation after finishing last weekend the prestigious Garan Premio de Cáceres cross country race in which they are still looking for one of its great protagonists.

The judges and organizers of the Extremadura event, which brought together several world cross country stars and some of the best Spanish athletes in the specialty, still cannot believe what they experienced at the end of the race. The fourth-placed runner fled at full speed after being asked to pass the anti-doping control.

While waiting for explanations, Abderrahim Ougra, reigning champion of Catalonia cross country, not only did not appear at the call of the anti-doping agents, but did not even come to pick up his backpack in which he carried the clothes to change after having run the race.


He is facing a 4-year penalty for fleeing from an anti-doping control.

The Moroccan athlete disappeared from the race with the clothes on his back and even without collecting the chueque for finishing in fourth place. Except for something very urgent, either physical or personal, everything indicates that he wanted to avoid the anti-doping control with an escape that will not help him to avoid being sanctioned.

Nobody knows where he is because after the race he had met with a group of athletes to return to Madrid by car with a group, and then fly to Girona, where he lives, but he did not show up either. The organization tried to find him, but it proved impossible. After what happened the athlete of Moroccan origin but licensed by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation is exposed to a penalty of four years, the same punishment as if the result of the analysis of his control had been positive.

Ougra, who was called to represent Catalonia next week at the Spanish Cross Country Championships, which he won last year, says goodbye to a promising career in athletics. He arrived in Catalonia when he was 16 years old and only six years later he had become a promising athlete in the discipline of the 3000m steeplechase.