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&;The email that Kilian Jornet sent to boycott the UTMB is pure garbage, he is ungrateful, thanks to this test he has made money and become famous and now he does this…&;

Martin Cox, former elite runner and prestigious coach, airs the letter that the Spanish legend sent to him and hundreds of elite runners and strongly criticizes its content

The mountain running legend has called for a boycott of all elite runners in the next edition of the UTMB, the biggest race in trail running. However, not everyone supports this complaint. Martin Cox, one of the most prestigious coaches in trail running, harshly attacks the Catalan athlete&;s position &;for his hypocrisy.&;
The world of trail running is experiencing a real earthquake led by Kilian Jornet. The mountain running legend publicly asks all professional runners to boycott the 2024 edition of the UTMB, the most iconic race in the world of trail running, asking them not to participate in the event this year.

The reasons for this boycott are not clear but they suggest that Kilian and other eñite runners consider that since Ironman bought the competition everything has evolved for the worse, many of the values ​​that made the event legendary are being lost and they are asking for changes that have not been finalized but if not done they will lead to a worrying situation next summer with the absence of the vast majority of the best runners in the world.

This boycott does not have unanimous support and some have come out to criticize the position of Kilian Jornet and other professionals who support him. Martin Cox, former elite runner and now prestigious coach, has come out in defense of the event and forcefully attacked the Catalan athlete in a Facebook post.


&;I have been a trail runner for 30 years and a trail running coach for 15 years. Today is the most dumbfounded I have ever been at the actions of certain individuals within my sport. I am specifically referring to Zach Miller and Kilian Jornet, along with the board of directors of a Swiss-based team that calls itself the Pro Trail Runners Association and whose agenda, although unclear, appears to be selfish.

The email I posted here was sent to a lot of my friends and colleagues last week asking them to boycott the @utmbmontblanc 2024 World Series Finals. So I thought I&;d share that email, because it smacks of hypocrisy and I don&;t think this guy garbage should happen in secret.

What really baffles me about the hate campaign currently being waged against UTMB is that, more than any other race, UTMB has allowed Jornet and many of his fellow @protrailrunners to jump on the mountain ultratrail money train and become moderately famous. So it seems a little ungrateful to turn around and try to keep up the running for a ransom.

This year half of the athletes I coach (including myself, hopefully!) will compete at UTMB in one of their races. This makes me feel very proud of all of them.

I&;m proud because everyone has worked hard and made some difficult lifestyle decisions over the past few years to get to this race. &;I&;m proud because UTMB races are some of the toughest and most competitive in the world and it takes a lot of courage to be on one of those starting lines.&;