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Ultra Weekend Recap — June 30


It was definitely a weekend to watch in the ultrarunning world. In this week’s Ultra Weekend Recap we’ve got results from California, Washington, Florida and Colorado. Let’s get right to it.

In what was yet another historic year at the Western States Endurance Run in Auburn, California, we saw fast times separated by mere seconds for podium finishes. Jim Walmsley returned this year and won his fourth Western States in 14:13:45, his second-fastest time on the course, and the second-fastest ever in race history (the first being his 2019 win in 14:09:28). In second place, Rod Farvard was hot on Walmsley’s heels all day long, finishing with an all-out sprint in 14:24:15. Just 16 seconds behind Farvard was Hayden Hawks, coming in third in 14:24:31. In the women’s race, Katie Schide returned to take the win in the second-fastest time ever on the course in 15:46:57, beating her second-place time from last year by almost an hour. In second place was Fuzhao Xiang from China, finishing in 16:20:03, the third-fastest time ever on the Western States course. In third place was Eszter Csillag from Hong Kong and Hungary, finishing in 16:42:17, the fourth-fastest time on the course, ever. Full results here.

Also, a big congrats to the regular writer of this column, Drew Dinan, who finished his first Western States this weekend.

Up in Washington, the Yeti 100-Mile Endurance Run-Washington saw Anastasia Rolek win in a time of 18:26:49, the second-fastest time ever. Jess Mullen claimed second place in 18:51:46, and in third was Tamara Clause in 20:28:29. In the men’s race, Jeremy Douglas won in 16:33:23. Edward Bannick finished second in 16:59:49, and in third was Kevin Brightbill in 17:57:07. The first finisher in the non-binary category was Willow Dolde in 18:52:34.

In the 100k, Stephanie Manosh brought home the win in 12:58:12, the fourth-fastest time on the course. In second place, Janet Rosenfeld finished with a time of 14:00:02, and Cassie Nevins took third in 14:10:06. In the men’s race, Prashanth Narasimhan was the winner in 8:59:29—a course record. Chris MacIntyre was second in 12:03:53 and Aaron Brown was third in 12:13:24.

In the 50-mile race, Corbin Lemieux finished in 8:52:27 for the win. Scott Peterson finished second in 10:36:32, and Scott Shaw finished third in 10:55:12. In the women’s race, Melissa Mead finished first in 8:58:23, while Jada Freer placed second in 11:03:21. Raquel Neto rounded out the podium in 11:07:52. Full results here.

Down south in Florida at the Toxic Trail 37-miler, Maria Urso took the win for the women in 5:26:19, while Madeline Cox came in at 7:33:39 to place second. Kay Trager was third in 8:05:07. In the men’s race, Marc Burget finished first in 4:32:51. In second place, Eduardo Souza finished in 4:41:43, and Michel Musso took third in 5:20:08. Full results here.

Finally, at the Broken Brain Backyard in Colorado, Braden Roggow took the win with 70.839 miles (17 yards). Caiden Morin came away with the assist and 66.672 miles (16 yards). Full results here.

Other results from this weekend include Miola Madness-Hot Summer Nights (Paola, KS), Methodist Mountain Ultra (Salida, CO), Golden State 50k (Salinas, CA), Catamount Ultra (Stowe, VT), Sharp Top 50k (Master, PA) and Running with the Devil (Las Vegas, NV).

Stay tuned for more results as they continue to roll in. Congrats to all who raced this weekend!