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What to wear for a cloudy and cool kayaking day

Kayaking is a rewarding experience on a personal level. Among other things, it allows you to be in constant contact with nature, enjoy beautiful landscapes and maintain a balance between your mind and body to be able to navigate in this small boat.

Being an outdoor aquatic activity, weather conditions have a great influence on the practice of kayaking. As you may have noticed, the weather is constantly changing; and it may be perfectly sunny at the beginning of the day, but then the panorama changes to something completely opposite.

Don’t worry. Even if the day is not sunny it doesn’t mean that you can’t practice this sport, you just have to adapt your clothing and resources for this weather. Of course, you should check the weather conditions to make sure that you can go out on your trip and that you will not run any kind of danger.

Here is some advice on what to wear on a cool, cloudy kayaking day.

Kayaking clothing for cool days

Clothing on a kayaking day is just as important as your gear. For these reasons, we mention the type of clothing you should wear.

Shirt: Always wear a long sleeve shirt, preferably polyethylene, so you can keep warm, because if you wear short sleeve or flannel style shirts, the breeze will make you more exposed to the wind and you will get very cold after a while.

Also these shirts serve to keep you relatively dry and help prevent your skin from getting the few UV rays, which even if the day is not sunny the exposure is just as harmful to the skin.

Pants: Pants should be suitable for the sport, especially in this case where the weather is unpredictable and precipitation may start to fall. The best pants are those that, like the shirts, are made of polyethylene, which keep you dry, are light and allow you to keep your body warm.

Since kayaking is a water sport, you are prone to get wet or even fall into the water, either by choice or by accident, that is. Therefore, it is essential to have clothing that allows you to maintain your body heat and at the same time does not weigh you down when you resume your navigation.

For these reasons, cotton garments are not recommended at all, since they absorb water, take a long time to dry and tend to become heavy.

Footwear: Protection for your feet is important, especially in sports that tend to wet them, as they tend to concentrate the temperature they perceive and transmit it to the rest of the body.

For these reasons, you need neoprene shoes, which is a water-resistant material specially designed to keep your body temperature stable. It is essential that you wrap your feet well when kayaking and even more so with such unstable weather as cloudy and cool days.

Gloves: Gloves have a double function in weather like this during the development of the activities required by this sport, since they not only protect your hands from exposure to weather factors keeping them dry and warm, but also act as anti-slip when mastering the paddle, allowing you to have greater control in each stroke and avoiding the imbalance with which you can fall into the water.

Hats: Your head is a fundamental part of your body; therefore it is important that it is also protected. We recommend using a latex cap and over it a fleece panty. This type of material adapts to any temperature and prevents the breeze from cooling you down.

It is always good to have a plan B in every situation, that is why we recommend you to carry an extra change of clothes, so that you can change in case that for one reason or another the clothes you are wearing from the beginning are no longer suitable to continue navigating in your kayak.

Equipment: Just as proper clothing is important for kayaking on sunny and cloudy days, there is other equipment that you should not forget, among them are the following:

  • Always carry your first aid kit with you.
  • Take with you food and fruits that provide your body with vitamins and energy to recover after a long day of sailing.
  • Stay hydrated at all times, always carry with you the necessary amount of water, preferably natural.

This activity is quite comforting and relaxing, always have your safety measures and never carry more weight than you should because this can damage your strokes and therefore your navigation: you get more exhausted than you should.

As an additional tip, you can consider the bags adapted to this sport, which function as a life jacket, so that if in any case you fall into the water you do not sink. In addition, they are very functional because they make it easier to store your tools, allowing you to have more freedom in every movement. You can see more information in our kayak accessories section.

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