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What to wear for a cold kayaking day

Most people practice this spectacular and fun sport in waters with warm climates, that is to say, rivers or seas with temperatures no lower than 15°C, since they are considered less complex environments for navigation.

However, there are adventurers who prefer to make their voyages in more extreme places, with very low temperatures. Some even make excursions to the Arctic to live the experience of sailing among blocks of ice with extremely low temperatures.

If you are one of those people with an adventurous spirit, who prefer to go kayaking on very cold days, you should keep in mind that to achieve your goal and not end up living an unpleasant experience, you need to have with you the right tools and clothing to withstand this extreme weather.

For this reason, this article compiles some tips for you to know what to wear for a day of cold kayaking, and what tools will help you to complete this journey safely.

Clothing for kayaking on cold days.

Shirts: Keeping warm is the most important thing, and for this we remind you to wear long-sleeved shirts as well as full-length pants, designed with polyethylene material. On top of this you can wear the so-called Anack, which is a waterproof, lightweight jacket, but that allows you to concentrate the heat inside and blocks the entry of cold.

Another idea is to use a full wetsuit and put on the Anack. In addition, there is also a full waterproof panty, which covers you from head to toe and you can find it as a dry suit, this as well as the jacket, keep the heat inside and prevents the embracing cold of these waters from entering.

Shoes: The right shoes will not allow these cold waters to pass through to your feet, which it is worth noting is the area of the body where temperatures quickly spread to the rest of the body.

These ideal shoes are neoprene boots, which will not allow the passage of cold or water, and thus avoid having a picture of hypothermia, which with humidity and low temperatures you can get in the blink of an eye.

Even for greater protection against cold and water, you can find in the market an accessory called Cubrebañeras, and its function is to prevent water from entering your kayak, which is a very good plus point because your body will stay even drier.

Gloves: Also keep your hands warm; your hands are your best tools, as they allow you to firmly grip the paddle with which you will be paddling. For this reason, it is essential to wear gloves; this will also prevent your hands from falling asleep and bringing the cold from outside to the rest of your body.

Hats: Of course, don&;t forget to cover your head and ears; for this important task, I recommend wearing a fleece jacket; it will keep your head warm and toasty.

Other equipment or accessories to consider

Apart from clothing, which is extremely important and even more so when exposed to very low temperatures, there are other kayaking accessories that you should not overlook. For this reason, I will indicate below which of them are indispensable for your safety and integrity during the whole trip.

  • To store everything you carry, we recommend using a vest that also acts as a bag; it can keep you floating in case you fall into the water and allows you to feel more comfortable and free carrying your things.
  • For every moment, especially for adventures that involve contact with nature, it is necessary that you carry a first aid kit where you include hypoallergenic disinfectant for wounds; such as yogo, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol; also include cotton, gauze, adhesives, some kind of small razor, or other medical materials that you believe convenient for the occasion.
  • Always carry with you a radio transmitter with which you can communicate to a central station in case of any complication along the way of this adventure and a GPS to keep you located.
  • Keep your cell phone turned off and well covered so it doesn&;t get wet, and only turn it on when you need it, in order to extend its battery life.
  • Hydrate yourself; carry a water bottle with enough water for all the hours of navigation; also for this cold weather you can carry a hot drink in a thermos to keep it always at high temperatures.
  • You can include some fruit or an energy bar to help you recover energy and strength to keep on racing to the finish line.

Always check that everything you carry is in perfect condition and fulfills the function for which they were created; especially when it comes to body coats and electronic devices; so that in case you need it, you will not have a bad time because they do not work.

Additionally, I recommend that you educate yourself about body behavior in cold weather, in order to know the common symptoms in case of hypothermia. Finally, take only and exclusively the tools that you consider will be useful in your trip.

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