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What to wear for a sunny kayaking day

Kayaking is a very relaxing and fun sport in which you can enjoy a ride in calm or turbulent river waters, and even in sea waters.

Being an outdoor sport and where radiation and other climatic factors are not softened by trees, palm trees or other vegetation, it is necessary to always be protected so as not to ruin this experience or deteriorate your health.

Especially on days where high temperatures are felt, this can cause you to burn your skin, and even after that to acquire diseases and stains. For this reason, we have compiled some tips on what to wear for a sunny kayaking day.

Essential gear for sunny and hot kayaking days

Sunscreen: Whether the day is sunny, cloudy or cold, it is mandatory that you wear sunscreen, because either way the sun’s rays are present; even if you don’t feel it, they affect your skin causing serious consequences in the short, medium and long term.

For these reasons, I recommend you always wear it and apply it on the areas of your body that are most exposed to the sun, such as your arms, shoulders, back, neck, face, head (in case you have a clean-shaven style), and legs.

Large brimmed hat or cap: A hat or cap will help you to fully cover your face from UV rays and even protect you from unpredictable rain showers.

Glasses: Preferably use glasses with approved lenses; this will ensure that your eyes are fully protected from the sun and allow you to attenuate the light, which will make your navigation vision less strained and much clearer.

Long sleeve shirts: This type of clothing will help protect your arms, shoulders, chest and back from solar radiation, of course, always applying the respective sunscreen before getting dressed. Verify that the fabric is light and cool, because with high temperatures it is better to allow the breeze to pass through your shirt and cool your body, without allowing the harmful rays to cause unwanted effects.

Nowadays, there are shirts with “smart” fabrics that adapt to any environment, protect you from the sun when it is hot, and repel humidity and high temperatures on cold days.

Water-resistant shoes: Shoes resistant to water and extreme temperatures, whether high or low, will allow your feet to be fully protected, as water will not enter that can get them wet and even cause fungus or possible colds; it also protects them from the sun’s rays and the intense heat that they generate.

With the right shoes, you can prevent the high temperatures from rising through your body through your feet and you start to feel fatigued or tired, having to stop sailing earlier than expected because your body can no longer resist; or you may even get dizzy due to the high temperatures you receive.

Anti-slip gloves: These gloves, although considered optional by many kayakers, can be very helpful in preventing the paddle from constantly slipping because of the water.

In this way, you can feel safe in each stroke and not lose your balance or the course you have charted to make your navigation route.

Equipment: It is necessary that in every adventure you do, you have the necessary accessories for your kayak, and that you have the following implements to guarantee the enjoyment of the practice and your safety as a crew member:

  • It is mandatory to have among your tools a first aid kit with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, pills for dizziness, headaches, adhesives, cotton, band-aids; even for sunny days a little vinegar is not superfluous.
  • We give you these vinegar tips because it can be used to lower your body temperature, placing it with a handkerchief on your forehead and passing it all over your body, in case you do not have a handkerchief you can use your hands and gradually fill yourself with it; also in case of intense burns on the skin (such as sunstroke), it acts as a refreshing.
  • Always carry with you enough water to hydrate yourself, as well as energy bars or fruits rich in potassium, such as bananas, and that provide a large amount of vitamins such as oranges, as it will help you recover energy and feel full in every movement involved in the execution of this sport.
  • Always have a spare set of clothes in your bag in case for some reason it gets wet, dirty, or even torn or damaged in any way the clothes you are already wearing.

Always carry what you really need, do not practice this sport so loaded; because you need to have the greatest freedom to move and keep your balance. This way you will avoid tipping over.

Make sure you are always accompanied, and that the people who are with you also take safety measures, remember that you are a team, and the injury that one of them, can cause damage to your navigation and cause everyone to live an unpleasant experience.

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